Wanting to visit Valencia? At Nativics we have come up with this itinerary that we have planned in detail so that your getaway to the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia is fantastic and productive. It includes tickets to the Oceanographic and the Science Museum and one night in a hotel with an excellent location in the heart of the City of Arts and Sciences, so you can make the most of your visit.

2 Days / 1 night
per person

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Travel guide of Getaway to Valencia with entrance to the City of Arts and Sciences

Day 1:

Oceanographic and Science Museum

After leaving your luggage at the hotel, located in the heart of the City of Arts and Sciences, it's time to start the day by visiting the Oceanográfico de Valencia, t Europe's biggest marine park. This visit will take you about 2 or 3 hours, so it is recommended that you arrive early. The Oceanographic opens at 10 a.m. so it is a good time to start and then you will have time to eat outside the park. Let's go there!

Before starting, you must know that this aquarium is much more than a recreational centre to observe the different marine species, but rather it is a scientific research, conservation and education center. The Fundación Oceanogràfic reinforces this work through several projects in which animals that arrive sick or injured on the coast are cared for, the conservation of the seabed and the species in danger of extinction are promoted, and its research and awareness are raised through its outreach programs.

When you arrive at the Oceanográfico, you will be given a map of the site. All the recreational areas and the different habitats appear there: Oceanic Islands, Antarctic, Mediterranean, Arctic, Oceans, Islands, Temperate and tropical, wetlands and aviary, crocodile,... In this way, you won't get lost. In the aquarium, you can see a wide variety of animals: sharks, penguins, sea and land turtles, birds, seals, sea lions, clown fish, puffer fish, jellyfish... and the favourites: the beluga family, an icon of the Oceanographic. 

After this marine tour, it is a good time to stop to eat something and rest before going to the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum. It closes at 6:00 p.m. We advise you to go early to be able to enjoy all its exhibitions and activities. The motto of the museum is "do touch, do think, do feel", which shows that you are going to have a good time in the interactive exhibitions on science and technology. Indeed, the average visit is 3 hours, although that depends on your motivation and interest, of course.

Once you finish your interactive visit to the Science Museum, you will have time in the afternoon, either to rest before going to dinner or to go to one of the nearby shopping centres: Aqua or Saler. There you can do some shopping or sit down for a drink in one of its cafes, bars or restaurants. If you are looking for a special dinner, inside the Oceanographic you will find the Submarine Restaurant with a tasting menu option. You have to book in advance though.

Did you know...

Assut de l'Or Bridge City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia

The highest point in the city is in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. It is the Assut de l'Or bridge, 127 meters high. (125 meters if we don't count the lightning rod).

The Oceanographic of Valencia is the largest marine park in Europe and the only center in which there are specimens of Beluga.

The Museum of the Sciences has a permanent exhibition called Zero Gravity in which you will learn about astronomy and the cosmos in a playful way. You can even see original pieces of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Day 2:

Farewell to Valencia and return home

After spending the night in the City of Arts and Sciences, before returning home and depending on the time you have, you can take the opportunity to go see a projection in the Hemispheric, a 3D cinema with a large concave screen of 900 meters. You can buy the ticket there. Each screening lasts 45 minutes and you must choose the one you like best when you get your ticket, which is why we have not included it in this getaway plan to Valencia. 

Surely, if it is the first time you travel to Valencia, you will be thinking of visiting the historic center of Valencia. If it is Sunday or a holiday, we do not recommend it as everything will be closed. If you still want to go, it's only 10 minutes by car or 30 minutes by bus. If you prefer something quieter, a very good option is to eat a Valencian paella in front of the sea at Malvarrosa Beach, about 15 minutes by car and 45 minutes by bus. Nothing better to say goodbye to Valencia than with a good paella, don't you think?


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