The great weekend! What would we do without weekends? Stress, work, family and the daily grind, they take so much of our time pushing us into the spiral of routine that bores us all.... until... it's finally Friday!

And, when the weekend appears, your face changes, the desire to have fun returns and, why not say it, to live... So, here at Nativics we are convinced that travel defines us and that life is much more than work, we have prepared this section of weekend getaways so that nothing prevents you from traveling, discovering new places, disconnecting from the daily routine and simply enjoying what life has to offer. A weekend in Toledo, a getaway to the Guggenheim in Bilbao, enjoy a steak in Ávila, walk under the stars in Tenerife, discover a charming town, walk the streets of Granada, explore the Segovia aqueduct... There are so many possibilities, we certain you will find something for you in our weekend experiences, choose your favorite way to travel and... LONG LIVE WEEKENDS!

The experiences you are looking for

Travel to Mallorca, Balearic Islands. Weekend in Palma.
1 nights
per person
Weekend in Barcelona with visit to the Sagrada Familia
Weekend in Madrid
2 nights
per person
Weekend in Santander with organized excursions
Weekend in Grenada
2 nights
per person
Weekend in Avila
Weekend in Salamanca
Weekend in Toledo
Weekend in Saragossa
Center of Valencia
2 nights
per person
Valldemossa Charterhouse
2 nights
per person

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