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Travel guide of Porto: culture, history and good gastronomy

Things to do in Porto

There are four important areas to see in Porto.

  1. Bolhao market area where, in addition to the market itself, you will find fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers, liquors and even the occasional souvenir, there is  Rua de Santa Catarina, the main shopping street of the city. On this avenue you will find the Capela das Almas and the traditional Majestic Café that although it is very touristy, it is worth visiting. Going down Passos Manuel street you will arrive at the Aliados Avenue and the San Bento station.>. In this area there are quite a few cafeterias where you can stop to eat some of the typical Porto pastries.
  2. Going up  Rua dos Clérigos, you will arrive at the Torre dos Clérigos and the area of the Iglesia do Carmo, where in addition to the Church , there is the Livraria Lello (there may be a bit of a queue to enter but it is quite agile). This area is known for the nightlife around the Livraria. If you are looking for a place to go out for a drink, in the street of the Galleries of Paris  you will find a large number of curious bars, some with live music and ballroom dancing; others with disco type music. There you can have a glass of wine, a cocktail or a cocktail.
  3. Returning to San Bento Station and going down the road towards the river you will find the Porto Cathedral. The entrance fee is modest (about €3) and it is worth it just to enjoy views of the city from the tower. From here, passing through the neighborhood Do Barredoyou can visit the Church of San Francisco em> and see the Palace of the Stock Exchange
  4. Turning back towards the river you arrive at the Ribera area, the most iconic of the city with its colorful houses, restaurants, bars, street musicians and tourists doing Photos from the Luís I Bridge. On the opposite shore is the area of Vila Nova de Gaia where all the Port wine cellars are located. The most famous are Cálem and Sandeman but we also recommend you visit some smaller ones such as Quinta dos Corvos where there is a guided tour and They are very friendly, and the winery Quevedo where there is no guided tour but there is a good tasting at a very good price. In front of this winery is the entrance of the cable car that goes up to the Jardim do Morro in the highest part of this shore and with spectacular views. From here, you can take the metro to Aliados station if you want to avoid the uphill return.

Porto surroundings

If you have more than 2 or 3 days, in the surroundings, to the north, is the city of Matosinhos. You can get there by public transport or by car. Matosinhos is a fishing city that, although it does not stand out for its aesthetics, is full of restaurants where you can eat the best fresh fish and seafood in the area. Also, if you travel in summer, the Praia de Matosinhos is the closest and most accessible from Porto. If you are a lover of fresh fish, this is your place.

A little further south, about 50min by car, you will find Aveiro, known as the "Venice of Portugal" for its channels in the estuary. Upon arrival you can take a Moliceiro, one of the typical boats of the city, which will give you a tour around the canals while they explain the history of the city. You can also get there by public transport: bus, train or taxi.

Aveiro (although it can also be reached by public transport without complications) to take some photos in Los Palheiros, the famous booths with colored stripes on the beach. These two cities are small so you will go through them quickly.

What to eat

Francesinha, typical food in Porto, Portugal

The francesinha, the most famous dish in Porto

If you travel to Porto you cannot miss its famous franceshinas, a complete and abundant sandwich. Among its ingredients you will find meat steaks, Portuguese sausages, melted cheese and a special tomato-based sauce that takes a great manufacturing process. It is usually served with an egg on top and accompanied by potatoes.

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