Embark on the MSC World Europa, one of the new ships of MSC CRUCEROS and live a unique experience discovering the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean leaving from the port of Barcelona:Marseille, Genoa, Naples, Messina and Valletta. A tour of Italy, France and Malta on an 8-day, 7-night trip full of emotions. MSC CRUCEROS is a leading shipping company that is committed to comfort, customer service, gastronomy, entertainment for all ages and sustainability. Without a doubt, by choosing your summer holidays with MSC, you will have a great time whether alone, as a couple, with family or with friends. The reason? The MSC World Europe cruise isdesigned for the enjoyment of all ages: children's club, childcare service, teen club, dancing, shows, activities, swimming pools, discotheque, gym, a great gastronomic offer, spa, lounge games, bowling alley... In addition, you can choose the cabin that best suits your tastes and needs, from suites, duplexes or connecting cabins for families, to interior cabins or with a balcony. In addition, the MSC World Europa ship has a design where elegance and modernity prevail. Can you imagine going down the fabulous Swarovski stairs or having a cocktail in one of its lounges while listening to live music? Or sunbathing by the pool and sliding down the water slide? Not to mention the fabulous shows that take place in the theater or the themed restaurants where you can taste exquisite dishes. You want to know more? Each night you will receive the next day's program in your cabin to find out the theme of the night and its dress code, disembarkation ports and return time to the ship, the day's activities, offers and much more. What would a cruise be without the fabulous gala dinner or its fun themed parties? Of course, MSC has many more surprises in store for you that we prefer not to reveal to you so that you can experience them with the greatest of excitement. Ready to pack your suitcase?

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Travel guide of MSC World Europe SUMMER from Barcelona

Day 1:

Departure from Barcelona

Boarding at the port of Barcelona where the MSC Cruises team will assist you. The boarding time is in shifts so we will inform you before your check-in time. You must show your ticket and your passport. There they will give you an MSC card that will be your identification access throughout the trip. With it you can make payments by associating it with your credit card on the first day of the cruise. In addition, it tells you your cabin number and dinner shift so it is important to always carry it with you. Remember that you must deliver the suitcases with the MSC labels previously printed.

Departure from the port of Barcelona at 6:00 p.m.

What will you see today?

Day 2:

Marseille (France)

Arrival at the port of Marseille at 7:00. Departure from the port at 18:00.

Marseille is a city with a lot of charm and culture that can be enjoyed on a cruise stopover. Some of the activities and places that we recommend are:

  • Visit the Old Port of Marseille, the historical and commercial heart of the city, where you can see the boats, the fish market, the town hall and the Abbey of Saint Victor.
  • Climb theNotre Dame de la Garde Basilica, the most emblematic monument from Marseille, offering stunning views of the city and the sea. The basilica has a Byzantine style and is crowned by a golden statue of the Virgin Mary.
  • See the Cathedral of Santa María Maggiore, a 19th century masterpiece that combines the Roman and oriental styles. The cathedral has a large dome, a bell tower and spectacular mosaics.
  • Explore the MUCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations), a modern and avant-garde museum that houses exhibitions on the history, culture and society of the Mediterranean region.
  • Walk through theCours Julienneighborhood, a bohemian and artistic area full of graffiti, alternative shops, cafes and restaurants. It is an ideal place to enjoy the atmosphere and gastronomy of Marseille.
  • Take home some of the famous Marseille soaps known throughout the world. You will find a wide variety of aromas.

What will you see today?

Day 3:

Genoa (Italy)

Arrival in Genoa at 8am. Departure from the port at 4pm. Time to get to know the city on your own or with one of the MSC Cruises guided excursions. Here we give you some suggestions of what to see and do in Genoa in one day:

  • Walk around theold port, where you will find the famousaquarium of Genoa, the galleon Neptune and the museum of the sea.
  • Visit the cathedral of San Lorenzo, a jewel of Gothic and Renaissance art that houses the Treasure Museum with relics of great value.
  • Have a coffee in Piazza de Ferrari, the heart of the city, surrounded by elegant buildings and an impressive fountain .
  • Go up to the Castelletto neighborhood, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the Spianata Castelletto viewpoint.
  • Try local cuisine, such as pasta al pesto, focaccia or farinata, in one of the city's restaurants or cafes.

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Day 4:

Naples (Italy)

Arrival in Naples at 1:00 p.m. Departure from the port of Naples at 8pm.

Time to explore the city on your own or with one of the organized MSC Cruises excursions. Naples is a fascinating city that offers many options to enjoy a cruise stopover. Some of the activities you can do are:

  • Visit the ruins of Pompeii, the ancient Roman city that was buried by the eruption of the Vesuvius volcano in the year 79 AD You can book a guided excursion on board or on your own and admire the remains of buildings, temples, frescoes and petrified bodies.
  • Climb Mount Vesuvius, the most famous active volcano in Europe, which dominates the landscape of Naples. You can take a bus to the base and then walk to the crater, from where you will have stunning views of the bay and the city.
  • Walk through the historic center of Naples, declared a Heritage Site of Humanity by UNESCO, and discover its monuments, churches, palaces and squares. Don't miss the Cathedral of San Gennaro, the Castle dell'Ovo, the Piazza del Plebiscito and the famous Spaccanapoli street.
  • Try the delicious Neapolitan gastronomy, especially its pizza, considered the best in the world. You can taste the classic margherita pizza, created in honor of Queen Margaret of Savoy, or the fried pizza, typical of street stalls. You can also taste other dishes such as pasta, fish, mozzarella cheese or sweets such as babà or sfogliatella.
  • Visit theNational Archaeological Museum, one of the most important of Italy, which houses a large collection of objects from Pompeii, Herculaneum and other ancient cities. You can see mosaics, sculptures, jewelry, coins and even a section dedicated to erotic art.
  • Take a trip to the island of Capri, a dream destination that is just a stone's throw away. an hour by ferry from Naples. You can enjoy its natural landscapes, its beaches, its caves and its luxury villas.

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Day 5:

Messina (Taormina, Sicily, Italy)

Arrival at the port of Messina at 9am. Departure from the port at 7 p.m. T

Messina is an Italian city located on the island of Sicily, facing the strait that separates it from the mainland. It is a frequent destination on Mediterranean cruises, and offers several attractions for visitors. Here are some suggestions for what to do and see in Messina on a cruise stopover:

  • Visit the Messina Cathedral, a historic building dating back to the XII and which houses an impressive astronomical clock, the largest in the world. If you can, come at 12 noon to see the spectacle of the figures moving to the sound of the bells.
  • Admire the Madonnina del Porto, a golden statue of the Virgin that rises on a column in the port and blesses travelers who arrive in the city. It is one of the first images you will see when disembarking from the cruise.
  • Enjoy the local cuisine, especially the arancini, rice balls filled with different ingredients and fried. You can also try Italian ice cream, famous for its creaminess and variety of flavors.
  • Explore the historic center of the city, where you will find other interesting monuments such as the Church of Santa María de los Catalanes, the Orion Fountain, the Zanca Palace or the Vittorio Emanuele III Gallery.
  • If you have time and desire to know more about Sicily, you can book an excursion to visit the Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, or Taormina, a beautiful coastal city with a Greek theater and spectacular views. Highly recommended!

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Day 6:

Valletta (Malta)

Arrival at the port of Valletta at 8am. Malta is a purely Mediterranean destination and easy to explore on foot, so we recommend that you enjoy seeing its little streets or sitting in a restaurant with sea views.

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Day 7:

Sailing day

The sailing day is ideal to enjoy all the corners of the MSC World Europe: swimming pools, slides, themed restaurants, spa, massages, gym, games room, casino,... and do activities, dance classes, take a cocktail or a special coffee, have breakfast on the balcony, take a thousand photos, go up and down the legendary Swarovski stairs, go to the hairdresser, dress up... Without a doubt, one of the most desired days on the itinerary.

Day 8:

Arrival in Barcelona

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