Thinking of enjoying a weekend in Segovia? At Nativics we have prepared this trip specoally so you can discover the most beautiful places of interest in Segovia.

Segovia is a medieval walled city full of history, culture and with excellent gastronomy that is easily explored on foot. included is 1 night of accommodation in a hotel in the city center, tickets to the emblematic Alcázar and the itinerary with the main monuments, including the Segovia aqueduct.

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Travel guide of Weekend in Segovia with entrance to the Alcázar

Day 1:

Arrival in Segovia and first contact with the city

As soon as you arrive in Segovia, check into your hotel in the center and take the opportunity to walk around the city and have dinner at one of the many restaurants that you will find within the walls. At night, the city lights up so it's a good idea to go to the aqueduct and the cathedral, both resplendent monuments.

What to eat

Roast pig

Typical dishes of Segovia

Castilian soup

La Granja beans

Segovia suckling pig

Segovian punch

Day 2:

Segovia: from the Aqueduct to the Alcázar

Today's route through Segovia begins at the Aqueduct of Segovia, the most emblematic monument of the city that has been standing since Roman times and is part of the Segovian landscape. It is certainly worth appreciating that after so many centuries we can enjoy this construction of pure engineering. Those Romans knew what they were doing... After taking a picture of the famous aqueduct, we will continue to the Real street that connects the aqueduct with the Plaza Mayor. This street is the most commercial street in Segovia, so as you walk along with it you will come across local and international chain stores, souvenirs and stores selling typical products of the area. Although it is known as Calle Real, it is made up of three streets: Calle Cervantes, Calle Juan Bravo and Calle Isabel la Católica. In this popular street are the Mirador de la Canaleja and the Casa de Los Picos, both places of obligatory stop ... From this viewpoint you can contemplate the fabulous views of the mountain of the Mujer Muerta and the Barrio de San Millán, so you should spend a few minutes enjoying the scenery. Continuing on the same Calle Real, you will come across the Casa de Los Picos. What makes this building so special is the dozens of diamond-shaped spikes that protrude from the facade, all of them arranged neatly in an orderly fashion, which gives it an unusual and very beautiful appearance.

Next, you will see the facade of the spikes, continue along the same street but take the section of Juan Bravo until you reach the Plaza de Medina del Campo, also known as Plaza de las Sirenas because of the sculptures that refer to this mythological figure. Of course, do not imagine the sirens sweetened fairy tale, with big manes and slender bodies ... They are rather a mixture between the body of a lion and a woman with crown and veil, more similar to a sphinx. In this square also stands the statue of Juan Bravo, behind it, there are small stairs leading to the Plazuela de San Martin, where the beautiful Tower of Lozoya and the Church of San Martin are located. This Romanesque church stands out for its exterior with its imposing bell tower.

Once you have admired the tower and the church of San Martin, going up the Plaza de Medina del Campo, you will reach the Plaza del Corpus, in the Jewish quarter or Jewish quarter. There you will find the current Catholic church of Corpus Christi, which gives its name to the square and which was formerly the Main Synagogue. If you dare to enter, you will appreciate a certain resemblance to the synagogue of Toledo for its white interior. Once you have discovered the Jewish quarter, if you continue along San Frutos Street, you will arrive at the mythical Plaza Mayor, the nerve center of the city where you will find the City Hall of Segovia, the Juan Bravo theater with its peculiar pink facade and the statue of the writer Antonio Machado, who lived and taught in the city as well as proclaiming, on the same balcony of the City Hall, what was the Second Republic of Spain. Well, at this point, you are in the perfect place to stop for lunch before continuing with this itinerary. Almost in all the restaurants, you can eat the typical roast suckling pig that is so soft that you can cut it with a plate. A spectacle for the senses that, if you are a meat lover, you cannot miss. 

In the afternoon, right after lunch, it's time to visit the majestic Alcázar of Segovia. An impressive fairy-tale castle that rises above the entire city creating an idyllic setting. If you want to enter the fortress, remember to arrive before 6 pm, the closing time. If you follow this itinerary, you won't have the slightest problem arriving on time. 

To finish this day, there is nothing better than the Mirador de la Pradera de San Marcos, from where you will have the best views of the Alcázar of Segovia. To get there it will only take you about 15 minutes walking from the Alcazar. If you are looking for places to dine, around the Plaza Mayor there is a wide range of bars and restaurants. 

What will you see today?

Day 3:

The Cathedral of Segovia and the Puerta de San Andrés

We start this last day visiting the Cathedral of Segovia, one of the later Gothic cathedrals and the third-largest in Europe, which stands in the Plaza Mayor itself. Although its official name is the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption and San Fruto, it is also known as the Lady of the Cathedrals for its great beauty and elegance.

After marveling at this fantastic temple, walking five minutes, you will reach the Puerta de San Andrés. This door, also known as Arco del Socorro, is the most outstanding part of the Segovia wall. Currently, there is the tourist information point at the Wall, they will provide you with all the information about it. This door was in the heart of the Jewish quarter and the Jews used to pass through it to get to their cemetery. It was also through this same door that they were expelled. 


To end this day, you can spend your free time doing some shopping, eating or having a drink on a terrace, strolling through its streets or, if you have come by car, go to the San Ildefonso Farm>just 20 minutes from the city. Its gardens are spectacular and it is known as “the Spanish Versailles”. Without a doubt, a good option to visit before returning home.

What will you see today?


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