If you are looking for a vacation in Cantabria that allows you to discover this beautiful land in its entirety with scheduled excursions but with enough free time to rest and discover the land without stress, this 7-day plan is perfect for you. This experience includes 6 nights of accommodation in a central hotel in Santander and five excursions to the most essential places in Cantabria: Santillana del Mar and the Altamira museum; El Soplao cave; Cabárceno Nature Park; Picos de Europa, Monastery of Santo Toribio and Potes; Comillas and Capricho de Gaudí. All these excursions are organized so that a vehicle will pick you up at your hotel and a person will accompany you during the visit. If there is an excursion that you do not fancy, you can deselect it at the time of booking. If your body is asking for more vacation days, you can also lengthen your dates in the search engine. Also, if you travel by plane, you have the option of including transfers from the airport to the hotel and from your hotel to the airport. As you can see, everything is designed so that you don't have to worry about a thingand can plan your trip to measure. You suggest it, Nativics can do it 😎.

7 Days / 6 Nights
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Experience Details

Travel guide of Full tour of Cantabria with excursions included

Day 1:

Arrival in Santander and first contact with the city

If you arrive by plane, a vehicle will pick you up at Santander Airport and take you to your hotel in the city center. Once you've settled in, it's time to explore

the city. Start with a walk through Puertochico where you will see the famous statues of Los Raqueros. Continue walking through the Jardines de Pereda until you reach the Centro Botín, where you can climb the external staircase to admire the views of the bay. Today is also a good day to do some shopping in the small shops in the center and go to Plaza Porticada, Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Santander Cathedral. When lunch or dinner time approaches, in the surroundings of the Plaza de Cañadío you will find a wide variety of restaurants and bars where you can have tapas.

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Day 2:

Excursion to El Soplao cave

During the morning today you will have free time to walk around Santander, have tapas or visit a point of interest, if you didn't have time yesterday. After eating, you will have the option at 3:30 p.m. to take the excursion to the El Soplao cave. A vehicle will pick you up at your hotel or at the agreed meeting point and will take you to the most beautiful cave in Cantabria where your guided tour of the different galleries of the cave will begin. When finished, you will be transferred back to Santander.

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Day 3:

Excursion to the Cabárceno Nature Park

The excursion to the Cabárceno Nature Park starts at 9 in the morning. The pick-up is at your hotel and you will enjoy the park until 2:00 p.m., where the driver will make the corresponding stops at the viewpoints of the park and will tell you some curiosities. On this visit, you will be able to see semi-free animals from five different continents: African elephants, giraffes, bears, pygmy hippos, lions, gorillas... In addition, the ticket includes a cable car ride where you can enjoy the park from the air. You will surely take hundreds of photos!

In the afternoon you will have time to walk around Santander, lose yourself in the city and enjoy its cusine.

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Day 4:

Excursion to the Picos de Europa and Potes

At 9 am you will be picked up at your hotel or at the meeting point to take you to Fuente Dé where you can enjoy the landscape of the Picos de Europa. At the end, you will be taken to the Santo Toribio de Liébana Monastery where you can admire the fabulous Lignum Crucis relic, the largest preserved piece of wood from the cross of Christ As icing on the cake, you will end the excursion in one of the most beautiful villages in Spain: Potes. There you will have time to eat and do some shopping for typical local products before returning to Santander.

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Day 5:

Excursion to Comillas: Capricho de Gaudí and Palacio de Sobrellano

Your route will start early today. The driver will pick you up at 9:30 a.m. and from there he will take you to the beautiful town of Comillas where you will visit the famous Capricho de Gaudí and the Palacio de Sobrellano. The visit to this municipality will take up half a day as it has a lot to offer. During the guided tour of the Palace, you will discover the details of the interior of the building and the exciting history of the Marquis of Comillas. you will learn the history of the entire municipality and the great milestones that were achieved. The visit lasts about 40 minutes. When leaving the palace, be sure to observe from up there the fantastic views of the Pontifical University and the giant Angel that the Marquis of Comillas ordered to be sculpted, which is located in the town's Gothic cemetery.

The next essential visit, is the Capricho de Gaudí, a modernist building by the great architect Antonio Gaudí, one of the few he built outside of Catalonia. A guide will explain all the curiosities of the home of the Marquis's lawyer, which stands out for its green tower that looks like a fairy tale. A complete folly

Finally, before returning to Santander, you will be able to admire the beach and the port of Comillas.

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Day 6:

Excursion to Santillana del Mar and Altamira Museum

At 3:00 p.m., you will be picked up at your hotel to start the excursion to Santillana del Mar and the Altamira Museum. On this tour, you will visit the beautiful town of Santillana del Mar and its Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana, where you will discover its beautiful interior and its cloister. In Santillana, you will also have free time to shop or stroll at your leisure. Once you have toured this town, labelled as one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, you will be transferred to the Altamira Museum where you can enjoy a guided tour of the Neocueva, an exact replica of the original cave that is no longer open to the public in order to preserve it. This replica shows the Upper Paleolithic cave paintings that were found in Altamira, the first place in the world where they were identified. Once the visit is over, you will be transferred back to your hotel.

During the morning, take the opportunity to have some good sobaos for breakfast and take a walk through the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the Plaza Porticada and see Santander Cathedral.

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Day 7:

Farewell from Santander and return home

On this last day in Santander, take the opportunity to have a good farewell sobao for breakfast and make some last-minute purchases in Santander.

If you wish, a vehicle will pick you up to take you to Santander airport.

Have a good trip home!

Did you know...

Post Office Building, in Santander

Curiosities of Santander

Under the Cathedral of Santander there are Roman remains.

In February 1941 there was a great fire in Santander that devastated the city center leaving only two relevant buildings intact: the Post Office building and that of the Bank of Spain. This fire is known as the Andalusian fire, because it started on Calle Cádiz and ended on Calle Sevilla.

In the Pereda Gardens there are specimens of each of the tree species that can be found in Cantabria.


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