At Nativics we have prepared this weekend itinerary for you to discover as a family the fifth Spanish city, with a population of no more and no less than 700,000 inhabitants and more than 2,000 years old. of history: Saragossa. But, in addition to being a city full of history and culture, Zaragoza is also a city full of life, parks and green areas that make it an ideal destination for traveling with children.  This plan includes 2 nights of accommodation in a hotel in the center of Zaragoza, tickets to the Mirador del Pilar Tower and the largest river aquarium in Europe, some restaurant recommendations to go with children and an itinerary thought out in detail so that adults and adults alike can enjoy this city. On this route, you will visit places of interest such as the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar and its glass elevator to the Mirador del Pilar Tower, you will see the Roman Walls and you will pass through the Stone Bridge. In addition, you will have enough time to walk and have fun with your family in the Parque Grande de Labordeta and in the Expo Water Park, where the largest river aquarium in Europe is located. 

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Experience Details

Travel guide of Weekend in Zaragoza with the family

Day 1:

Arrival in Zaragoza and first contact with the city

As soon as you arrive in Zaragoza, take the opportunity to leave your bags at the hotel and get settled. If you have time, you can take a walk to get to know the center and sit down to dinner in one of the restaurants that you will find

Day 2:

Discovering Zaragoza as a family

Once you arrive at the hotel, it's time to enter the center of Zaragoza and its history. We will start with the Roman Walls, just before entering the Plaza del Pilar. These walls, declared a Site of Cultural Interest, were built by the Romans, who gave the name of Caesaragusta to the city in honor of its founder Caesar Augustus. After the passing of the centuries and after years of conquests by Visigoths, Muslims and Christians, this name led to the name we know today: Zaragoza. For this reason, we believe that it is the best way to start this route. Also, just to the left of the wall, stands a large tower. It is the Torreón de la Zuda, built during the Muslim invasion in the 8th century. 

Once you pass the wall, you will enter in the most important square in Zaragoza and the nerve center of the city: Plaza del Pilar. The most important celebrations and events are held here. The best known are the Fiestas del Pilar, in October, which is attended by travelers from all over the world. Without a doubt, it is an essential place for Zaragozans and tourists as it houses the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar.  We've already told you that you won't be able to stop taking photos and videos... And if you want to do some shopping, in its surroundings there are also several shops where you can buy souvenirs, religious objects or typical sweets such as the famous cobblestone or the chocolate fruits that children like so much.

We continue our route visiting the interior of the Basilica del Pilar, one of the largest cathedrals in the world and whose tradition tells that it was the first Marian temple of Christianity. Famous throughout the world, inside, in the Holy Chapel, is the Patron Saint of Hispanic Heritage, Zaragoza and the Civil Guard: the Virgen del Pilar. So called because it is located on top of a pillar that is actually made of jasper. In addition to the Virgin, this cathedral is beautiful both on the outside, with its towers that can be seen from afar, and inside where you can find different works of art by Goya and paintings by the painter Antonio González Velázquez, a main altarpiece made in alabaster, as well as other sacristies and several other chapels dedicated to Santa Ana, San José, San Antonio de Padua, San Braulio, San Agustín, Santa Rosario, San Pedro Arbués, San Lorenzo, San Joaquín and the apostle Santiago. As a historical note, on the walls are the missiles that were launched during the Civil War and that did not explode so they did not manage to destroy the Basilica. These missiles left some holes in the walls and roof of the temple. You have to look closely so you can play with the children to find them. Once you finish the visit, don't forget to stop by the little shop at the exit. There they sell the famousribbons with the measure of the Virgin, as a symbol of protection for the sick and travellers. In fact, you will hardly see a person from Zaragoza without this tape on the car, the motorcycle, the baby stroller... So if you are thinking of taking some souvenir detail, nothing more significant representative of Zaragoza than the size of the Pillar.

Once you have seen the Pilarica, this plan includes the tickets to the Mirador del Pilar Tower.  This tower does not have access from inside the Basilica, but the entrance is made from one of the sides of the Pillar, specifically in the tower of San Francisco de Borja. From there, a panoramic glass elevator will take you up 62 meters in about 20 seconds. The kids are going to love it! That yes, later you will have to do the rest of the ascent (18 meters) by the spiral stairs. Don't worry because there are two sections where you can stop to rest before reaching the large glass-enclosed viewpoint, located 80 meters high and with spectacular 360º views of the city, with the Ebro river on one side and the domes of the Basilica, to the other.  Leaving Pilar, you can go to the Stone Bridge, just in front of the Basilica, crossing the river. From there you can contemplate the views of the city in all its splendor. Surely the little ones like to cross the river through this bridge.

If it's time to eat, our recommendation is that you go to the area of Santa Marta or El Tubo, where you will find different restaurants, bars and cafes. They are not restaurants with a playground area but they are traditional and perfect for trying some of the tapas, pintxos and typical dishes of Zaragoza.  After eating, a little exercise and games do not hurt. In the Parque Grande you won't be short of rides, entertainment and fun. This park brings together families from Zaragoza and visitors from all over Spain as it is a green area in the middle of the city, famous for its fountains that are lit up at dusk.  In addition, this park has a train that runs through it and that the little ones love. This is the Chuchu train, a very lively little train with children's music that goes around the site several times. The ticket is bought at the same point where it leaves and it is very affordable. In the surroundings of the Parque Grande you will find cafes, bars and restaurants, in case you feel like having a snack or something to eat. If you prefer to dine near the center, there you will find several restaurants with a children's area for children to play and adults can relax a bit . Among them are the Dídola Don Jaime, a restaurant-cafeteria and bookstore ideal for the little ones, and the Davia Gulabar, with a children's playground with a wooden castle. 

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Day 3:

EXPO Water Park and Zaragoza Aquarium

This day you are going to have a great time at the Zaragoza Expo Park. Built in 2008, this complex - next to the arrival of the AVE-  promoted the city, making it a benchmark in the organization of events and congresses. In addition, this park is part of the lives of the residents of Zaragoza. You can see families and couples walking on Sundays, children playing and friends of all ages chatting. The enclosure is made up of different buildings of great beauty and originality: the Water Tower, the Bridge Pavilion and the Spain Pavilion. Next to it is where the Luís Buñuel Water Park is located, the largest urban park in Zaragoza with a large green area that surprisingly has a river beach. In this 120-hectare park, you can do a wide variety of family activities, including renting bikes, kayaks or swans to explore the park by water. It even has a train and a multi-adventure park! Also take the opportunity to walk along its botanical paths, contemplate the water gardens and the Ferris wheel-solar clock.  

To end the weekend, the plan that we propose includes tickets to the Zaragoza Aquarium, the largest river aquarium in Europe. This aquarium is located in the same area as the Expo and is sure to delight the whole family with its huge river fish, otters, marmoset monkeys  and reptiles: arapaima, catfish, Malayan sharks, freshwater puffer fish, sturgeons, piranhas, Nile crocodiles, iguanas, turtles, chameleons... A most entertaining visit! Also, if it's time to eat, the aquarium has a restaurant with a terrace on the top floor. It opens every day of the year and has a daily menu, a holiday menu  and children's menu. 

We hope you enjoy this weekend in Zaragoza with your family!

Did you know...

The river aquarium of Zaragoza hosts some species that no other aquarium in the world has, such as the Tiger Fish. In addition, it has 24 specimens of the largest fish in the Amazon, the Arapaima gigas, which can measure up to 3 meters in length. During your visit you can see them pass over you in the glass tunnel of the aquarium. Awesome!


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