From Nativics we take you to PortAventura World, the largest family resort in the Mediterranean. This getaway includes round-trip transfers from Barcelona airport to PortAventura, accommodation in one of the five hotels located inside the park, tickets with direct access to the attractions and shows in Portaventura Park, Pick-up service at the shops from the parks (delivery of purchases within the park at your hotel) and a day at Ferrari Land.

In PortAventura Park you can feel the adrenaline in the most mythical roller coasters, such as the Dragon Khan, the Shambhala and the Stampida; the Furius Baco, the fastest roller coaster in Europe or the classic water volcano Tutuki Splash. You can also enjoy the different shows, shops, hotels, restaurants and many other themed attractions in 6 different worlds: Mediterranean, Polynesia, Mexico, Far West, China and, for the little ones in the house, Sesame Adventure. If you like speed, you will live an exciting adventure in Ferrari Land where you will be able to discover the history of its creators, Enzo Ferrari, and feel like a Formula 1 racer in its attractions set in this sport such as the fast-paced Red Force which reaches 180km/h in just 5 seconds or the Free Fall Tower, a 55-meter shuttle, among other attractions and themed shows. Guaranteed fun for the whole family!

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Travel guide of Getaway to PortAventura World

PortAventura Park:

PortAventura Park is the most famous theme park in Spain where you can explore 6 different worlds through its restaurants, shops, hotels, attractions and shows for all ages: Mediterrània, Polynesia, Mexico, Far West, China and, for the little ones in the house, Sésamo Aventura. What attractions and shows will you find throughout the year in PortAventura Park and in what world?



  • Furius Baco, 850 meters at full speed.
  • Estació del Nord, a charming train suitable for everyone
  • Port de la Drassana, a boat trip for all ages


  • FiestAventura
  • PortAventura Parade



  • Tutuki Splash, a fall through the waters of the volcano
  • Canoes, navigate the Polynesian waters by canoe, no matter how old you are
  • Kontiki, Go up and down inside the ship that resists the storm


  • Night of Fire in Tahiti
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Aloha Tahiti
  • Sarongs in Bora Bora



  • Hurakan Condor, 100 meters of free fall and adrenaline
  • El Diablo Tren de la Mina, the roller coaster where you will cross a mine at full speed
  • The Secret of the Mayas, get lost and find yourself in this attraction where nothing is what it seems...
  • Los Potrillos, ride on one of these mechanical horses
  • Feathered Serpent, get on and spin on this snake and join the Mexican ritual
  • Yucatán, twist and twirl on the most famous snake in Mexico
  • Armadillos, an attraction for the little ones in the house


  • Temple of Fire
  • Mexican Fiesta
  • The Adventures of Tadeo Jones
  • Meet & Greet Shrek



  • Shambala, feel the adrenaline on the highest mountain in PortAventura Park
  • Dragon Khan , the most emblematic attraction of PortAventura for its exciting loops
  • Tea Cups, the classic little tea cups that rotate non-stop
  • Angkor, shoot in this fabulous water battle
  • Kids Area, slides and swings for the little ones in the house
  • Imperial Cobra, spins at full speed
  • Waitan Port, embark on a fantastic ship as if you were a true emperor


  • Magic Bubble
  • Destination Dance

  • Far West


    • Silver River Flume, slide down logs on a fun-filled river
    • Stampida, start the race between the blue roller coaster and the red one. Who will win?
    • Tomahawk, face your fears
    • Volpaiute, 360º of emotions
    • Wild Buffalos, bumper cars for those who are over one meter tall and have a companion
    • Buffalo Rodeo, bumper cars where no minimum height is required
    • Carousel, you can never miss a carousel full of horses
    • Crazy Barrels, barrels that do not stop turning
    • Grand Canyon Rapids, feel the Colorado River carry you through its waters
    • Blacksmith Maze, get lost to find the exit again
    • Penitence Station, the fun train


    • Can Can West
    • Tex Mex
    • Bang Bang West

    Sesame Adventure


    • Street Mission, accompany Coco on her secret mission.
    • Tami Tami , adrenaline for the little ones in the house as long as they measure 1 meter and are accompanied
    • Waikiki, the chairs flying planes that excite the youngest children in the family
    • Coco Piloto, where the little ones will have a great time flying Coco's plane
    • The Magic Tree, the viewpoint where you can see the park from the top of this beautiful tree
    • The Enchanted Garden, a little adventure with obstacles for the little ones
    • El Salto de Blas, a fall free to measure
    • Kiddie Dragons, where the little ones will spin on the back of oriental dragons
    • Elmo's Farm, a ride full of joy
    • Butterflies Jumping, pedal to reach the top
    • Magic Fish, you will drift on the water
    • Sesame Adventure Station, a train full of joy and fun for all ages


    • Let's Dance
    • Let's take care of the Planet

    Also , at Christmas and Halloween you will find other shows prepared for each time of the year and the park set for each occasion.

Ferrari Land:

Ferrari Land is a unique theme park in Europe where you can feel like a Formula 1 driver and discover the history of Ferrari and its creator. Staying at one of the hotels in PortAventura, in addition to allowing you access to PortAventura Park during all the days you are staying, includes a 1-day ticket to Ferrari Land. Do you want to know what attractions and shows you will find?

Ferrari Land Attractions:

  • Champions Race, an attraction where the smallest of the house will pretend to be authentic race car drivers.
  • Crazy Pistons, ride up and down these crazy pistons
  • Ferrari Land Gallery, discover the entire history and evolution of the brand Ferrari
  • Flying Dreams, feel like you fly
  • Flying Race, a race through the sky for the little ones in the house
  • Junior Championship, a tailor-made circuit
  • Junior Red Force, your first experience as a pilot de Ferrari
  • Kids Podium, slides and games
  • Kids Tower, a free fall at the height of the little ones
  • Maranello Grand Race, a great little race
  • Ple Position Challenge, the F1 simulator
  • Racing Legends, a Ferrari experience
  • Red Force, feel the speed, from 0 to 180 km per hour in just 5 seconds
  • Free Fall Tower, 55 meters of exciting drop
  • Bounce Tower, fun for the bravest

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